How to Build a Wildlife Pond - Complete pond building video by Pondguru


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This is a compilation video of a 6 part series I uploaded a while back showing every stage of building a school wildlife pond . It shows all the various steps taken to make a large school wildlife pond which is safe and accessible for children and other wildlife.
At 1 hour 10 minutes it is the longest video I have uploaded to youtube so far and I have also uploaded parts 1-4 of how to build a fish pond featuring a different type of pond incorporating a cascade and filter system. Check my channel - there are loads of videos showing how to build a pond and also how to build a cascade / stream etc.
In this wildlife pond video, the start of each section is at the following time:
0:06 Shaping the hole
4:50 Laying the liner and underlay
12:54 Building dry stone Wall on internal pond shelf
23:32 Fixing the edging stones and beach
29:52 Constructing the dipping platform and hibernaculum
53:25 Planting and finishing touches
The design of this pond varies from most school dipping ponds and it is much better for wildlife as there is great habitat created behind the stone wall, under capping stones and in the hibernaculum.
Check out my pond construction playlist for pond building guides covering many different types of ponds including fish pond and koi pond.
Thanks for watching for pond construction for pond supplies

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