Gears of War Rap (machinima)

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GEARS OF WAR - By JTMachinima & Artiic

Gears of War all the more
Reason for me to own
Youll be out fulla doubt
And Ill send you back home
Dont delay come and play
Let your whole team run through
I dont want body armor
Cuz Ill just use you
Then you take out a longshot
And you trace me, erase me,
But you can never face me
I see your fear in the tears you pour
Because you cant win here playin Gears of War

Im here to rumble wit you
A curbstomp and youre through
You hear me comin at you
I got you stumblin dude
But we aint playin yet
Check out my chainsaw bayonet
What you gotta say to that?
Im like a Marcus Fenix
Leadin delta squad to the win
And when Im through with all the locusts
Watch me do it again
In matchmakin men
Gonna face the end
And then when
Im through with them
Youll never even know theyd ever been
Theyll never win, endeavorin
A blow from da long shot
I got you severed and
Ya know its said and done
And ya screens all red with blood
Gotta keep ya head there, bud
Dont even check the HUD
Because you see its me
With the bow of torque
And what you got for me?
You got a load of pork
And then a lack of class
Campin just like a disaster
I can kick your ass
Cuz youre a button-masher


Just get outta my game
Cuz its the end of our time
Ill have ya ripped to pieces
Just like Benjamin Carmine
You get your ass chopped off
By me and my hoodlums
I would kill you for your weapons
But you dont got any good ones
So you should run away
With your mulcher in hand
But today aint ya day
See what I got in plan
Is to take you out
With a boomshot kapow
Bringin missiles right down
Like apocolypse now

Cuz Im a nuke, youre
Like a snub pistol with luck
Because youre good in single player
But in life you suck
And now youre like what
Punk see your manners are gone
So let me fix that up
When I whip out my Hammer of Dawn
And Id be slammin ya son
But I know I dont need to
You can blow yourself away
Just like Tai Kaliso